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Why does it cost $5 to nominate a Top Blogger?
1. To prevent spammers from blasting multiple bloggers.
2. To ensure that nominations are sincerely "Top Bloggers."
3. To pay for verifying blogs, hosting and maintenance of this site without advertising.

Can you nominate more than one Top Blogger?
• Yes, but you will need to use separate nomination forms (and fees). No discounts. 

How long are Top Blogger Awards posted on
• One year from the date awarded.

Does it cost the Top Blogger anything to receive the award?
• No. 

Can Top Bloggers display their "Top Blogger Award" button the following year?
• Yes. As long as someone nominates them. Each year is free.
• If desired, when a Top Blogger is nominated and approved, they may purchase
   a permanent listing with for $19.

Are all Top Bloggers approved?
• No. Commercial websites are not allowed. Neither are blogs who do bad stuff. (Promote or display pornography, illegal drugs, terrorism, violence, racism, etc.) If a blog is not approved, the nominator will receive an email explaining why it is being rejected. No refunds.

How do I get the official "Top Blogger Award" button for my blog?
1. You must be nominated and approved.
    (You will be notified within 24-hours of being nominated.)

2. You will receive an email with the HTML code to add the official
     button to your site for 1 year.

3. You can add it to your sidebar on your blog to proudly display your
    accomplishment. We ask for you to link it  to:
Top Blogger Award Sample button

Can I just copy and paste the "Top Blogger Award" button on my blog?
• No. Only Top Bloggers who are currently listed on are authorized to post the "Top Blogger Award" on their blog. If you are aware of someone using the official button without having permission, please notify us at:

Can I nominate myself?
• No. However, you may post a request on your blog for someone to nominate you.

Can I have more than 1 nomination for my blog?
• If the first nomination was rejected and the blog has removed all offensive materials from their blog, a later nomination can be approved.
• If the first nomination was approved, the page the first nominator selected will be used for one year, unless the nominator requests a different page (or the homepage).

Can a Top Blogger remove their button and link from at any time?
• Yes. Simply email: It will be removed within 24 hours.

My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?
• Simply email:
• Your question and answer (without your name) will most likely be added to this page to assist others, so feel free to ask. 

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